Tseltal Documentation Project of Gilles Polian

El Proyecto para la Documentación de Tseltal de Gilles Polian

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Collection LanguageTzeltal
Language PIDailla:119666
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleTseltal Documentation Project of Gilles Polian
Collector(s)Polian, Gilles
Depositor(s)Polian, Gilles
Project/Collector Websitehttp://tseltaltokal.org
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThis project aims to document Tseltal language (Mayan language spoken in Chiapas, Mexico, by more than 300.000 speakers) in all its diversity, covering as many dialects, registers and speech genres as possible. It has been funded by two ELDP grants, both hosted at CIESAS-Sureste, in Chiapas:

1) "Documentation of Central Tseltal: creation of a broad corpus for multiple uses" (january-june 2006; see http://www.hrelp.org/grants/projects/index.php?projid=87)

2) "Documenting endangered Tseltal cultural activities: an Ethnographic and Discursive Audiovisual Corpus" (july 2007-june 2010; see http://www.hrelp.org/grants/projects/index.php?projid=138)
ReferencesPolian, Gilles. (2006.) Elements De Grammaire Du Tseltal. France: Harmattan.