Data Management Plan

ATTENTION: Grant-funded Researchers, Depositors, and Potential Depositors:

Budgeting for Archiving & Requesting a Letter of Collaboration

 If your grant allows you to budget funds for archiving, you may request a cost estimate from AILLA to include with your budget using the form below. Alternatively, you may base the archiving costs on 8% of the total direct costs* (excluding salaries for Senior Personnel, Graduate Research Assistants, and Postdocs).

Some grant applications require you to submit a letter of collaboration from the archive where you plan to deposit the resulting data.

If you need a letter of collaboration and/or a cost estimate from AILLA, please complete the following steps at least one month before your grant due date:

  1. Complete the Contact Form to Request a Collaboration Letter or Cost Estimate from AILLA. Before completing the form, please read the list of questions to help you prepare your answers.
  2. After completing the form, send a draft of your Data Management Plan or DMP (see below) to AILLA.

Once you know the outcome (approved or denied) of your grant application, you must send this information to the AILLA Manager for planning purposes.

Data Management Plan (DMP)

 Many granting agencies, like NSF, NEH, ELF, ELDP, NIH, IMLS, etc., now require researchers to submit a DMP as part of their grant proposal application. Researchers might find the information found at the following links useful for creating a DMP:

  • View the slides and reading list from the 2017 LSA Institute Workshop on Data Management Plans for Linguistic Research and watch the videos here.
  • There is a concise article about data management plans on Wikipedia that includes links to other websites.
  • The DMPTool provides DMP requirements and templates for several specific funding agencies and programs.
  • The University of Pittsburgh has detailed information about writing a Data Management Plan, as well as sample DMPs here.
  • The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) also has helpful information about Data Management Plans here.
  • This is a sample DMP from a senior research grant for the Documenting Endangered Languages program of the National Science Foundation. This sample has been annotated to highlight key elements to include.
  • This is another sample DMP from a Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant (DDRIG) for the Documenting Endangered Languages program of the National Science Foundation. This sample has not been annotated.

* The 8% rate was negotiated between NSF and DELAMAN in 2014. Please see the DELAMAN website for more information.