The term UT refers to the University of Texas at Austin.
The term AILLA refers to the Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America, and specifically to any faculty, staff, or students who direct, manage, advise, or work for AILLA. AILLA is a part of the University of Texas at Austin.
The term archive resource refers to any material housed in the AILLA database and any metadata description of materials housed in the AILLA database.
The term AILLA software refers to any software or related codes developed for AILLA.


AILLA depends on the good will and good faith of all members of the AILLA community. We expect that all members of the community will respect the intellectual property rights of the creators of archive resources, and will further respect the peoples and cultures whose languages are the focus of the archive itself. If any user violates the Conditions of Use of Archive Resources, it is the responsibility of the community as a whole to counter that abuse. AILLA will make public the names of the abusers and the nature of the abuse, in discussion forums at AILLA and elsewhere, and not countenance any publication or performance produced in violation of AILLA's Conditions of Use, or general considerations of respect for the individuals who create archive resources and the communities to which they belong.

AILLA is not affiliated with or sponsored by any religious or missionary organization. AILLA has no political agenda. AILLA supports the preservation, maintenance, and revitalization of the indigenous languages of Latin America.

Disclaimers about the content of archive resources:

1. AILLA and UT would not be able to offer archive resources and software if they had to accept any liability or responsibility for errors or omissions in the content of this site. Therefore, AILLA and UT disclaim any liability of any nature for any loss that may result from the use of or inability to use this site or from the use of archive resources.

2. Similarly, AILLA could not offer these archive resources if it had to take responsibility for the truthfulness or accuracy of any part of the content of any archive resource, so it disclaims any such responsibility.

3. The opinions, beliefs, or assertions expressed in the content of any archive resource or by any depositor of archive resources do not represent the opinions or beliefs of either AILLA or UT.

4. Access to AILLA's resources is determined by the depositors and creators of the resources. It is possible that the access permissions for a given resource may be changed without notice; AILLA cannot take responsibility for any loss or frustration that may result from such a change.

5. If a resource controller changes the access level of a resource from a less-restricted level to a more-restricted level, AILLA will not be reponsible for the use of any copies of archive resources that may have been made during the less-restricted access interval.

6. Once a user has access to a resource and has downloaded it to his or her computer or other storage device, AILLA has no control over the user, who may copy and distribute the resource without permission. Those who place archive resources at AILLA must accept full responsibility for the consequences of that placement.

7. AILLA does not edit, transcribe, translate or otherwise alter the content of the materials deposited, except to filter tape-hiss and other non-linguistic noise from digitized recordings.

Disclaimers about the origins of archive resources:

8. AILLA could not provide archive resources if it had to take responsibility for proper permissioning. Therefore, those who deposit materials must take full responsibility to obtain informed consent of all the people who participated in creating those resources, or of their representatives.

9. AILLA cannot take responsibility for any harm or loss that may be caused by the presence of materials in the archive or by the use of archive materials by anyone. If AILLA had to accept such responsibility, it could not offer archive resources.

10. AILLA will not mediate conflicts that may arise between the creators and depositors of archive resources. AILLA will not mediate conflicts that may arise between creators or depositors and the indigenous communities whose languages are used or documented in those resources, or any indigenous organizations that claim to represent them. Depositors must discuss and resolve all such potential conflicts prior to deposit.

11. Conflicts between AILLA and creators, depositors, or indigenous organizations will be referred to the AILLA Advisory Board for mediation. AILLA agrees to abide by the decisions of the board regarding the resolution of the conflict.

Disclaimers about the web site and software:

12. The opinions expressed at the AILLA website do not represent the opinions of UT. UT cannot take responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of any information that you may find at the AILLA web site or in any archive resource.

13. AILLA is not responsible for and does not endorse the content of any website to which it provides a link, nor does AILLA endorse the content of any website which provides a link to AILLA.

14. We cannot guarantee the effective functioning or maintenance of any AILLA software or that any software that may be downloaded from the AILLA web site or from sites linked to the AILLA web site is free of viruses. Neither AILLA nor UT could offer archive software or links to other software if we had to take responsibility for any loss or damage that may be caused by any software acquired through the AILLA web site, therefore, your use of such software is entirely at your own risk.