Alto Balsas Nahuatl Collection of Dominique Raby

Colección del Náhuatl del Alto Balsas de Dominique Raby

Object Details

Collection LanguageNahuatl, Guerrero
Language PIDailla:119543
Title [Indigenous]Alto Balsas Nahuas imitlatlol okitlatlalij Dominique Raby
Language of Indigenous Titlengu
TitleAlto Balsas Nahuatl Collection of Dominique Raby
Collector(s)Raby, Dominique
Depositor(s)Raby, Dominique
Project/Collector Website
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionCollection created for a postdoctoral project (2002-2006), with some later additions. The aim of the project was to document and propose the first analysis of Nahua female folktales. The folktales titles and narrators’ pseudonyms in the collection correspond to those used in the publications. All folktales and other examples of oral literature were recorded by the collector, at the narrator’s home, usually in the presence of a Nahua assistant and members of the family of the narrator. The idea was to create a recording in a setting as close as possible to usual storytelling conditions; as a consequence of this choice, some surrounding sounds are also part of the recording.
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Dominique Raby 2018, Nuestra Madre sufre y llora. Violencia intrafamiliar y Buen Vivir desde la relación con el maíz en una comunidad nahua de Guerrero, México. Relaciones, Vol. 39, Núm. 155.