AAA Workshop: Technological Methodologies in Language Documentation and Anthropology

Taller de la AAA: Metodologías Tecnológicas en la Documentación Lingüística y la Antropología

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TitleAAA Workshop: Technological Methodologies in Language Documentation and Anthropology
Country(ies)United States
Collector(s)Kung, Susan Smythe
Davis, Jenny L.
Hildebrandt, Kristine Ann
Nash, Carlos
Depositor(s)Kung, Susan Smythe
Davis, Jenny L.
Hildebrandt, Kristine Ann
Nash, Carlos
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DescriptionThis collection contains presentation slides from the workshop "Technological Methodologies in Language Documentation and Anthropology" that was held on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, as part of the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), which was held in Washington, D.C. that year.

Workshop Description:
Granting agencies funding anthropological research are increasingly requiring clearly articulated data management plans that describe collection methods, the data format, archiving plan, storage and security of data during the research period, and dissemination plan. These components are dependent on the following: (1) aspects of consent and intellectual property rights that apply across multiple anthropological fields, (2) an understanding of the methods and limitations of reformatting or conversion of digital audio and video files, (3) an understanding of digital file sizes, and (4) interpreting the requirements of archives in order to increase the data's ability to be forwardly migrated. This workshop will facilitate conversation across subfields connected to language and culture documentation from collection to analysis and finally the archiving of research materials. It will also prepare researchers for addressing granting agency and archival standards at various stages of research development. For emerging scholars, this workshop provides training and information regarding critical issues before designing and conducting language documentation research. It will also be relevant for those in later stages of research considering digitizing, analyzing, and archiving materials already collected. The researchers coming together to provide this training at the AAA meeting represent a wide range of academic training and experience in language documentation fieldwork in Indigenous and endangered language communities in North America, Latin America, Africa, and Southern Asia. The training session contains four two-hour workshops: (1) producing and working with high-quality audiovisual recordings, (2) annotation, management, and dissemination software, (3) metadata and archiving, (4) and consent, rights, and intellectual property. Since the time for each workshop is limited to two hours, each workshop will also provide substantive resources on each topic for the participants to access after the workshop. Those resources will be part of the materials produced from the workshop to be made publicly available.

This workshop was funded by the National Science Foundation/ Documenting Endangered Languages Program Grant no. 1744248 (