Aymara Collection of Geraldine Quartararo

Colección de Aymara por Geraldine Quartararo

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Collection LanguageAymara, Central
Language PIDailla:119729
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleAymara Collection of Geraldine Quartararo
Collector(s)Quartararo, Geraldine
Depositor(s)Quartararo, Geraldine
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Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionThis material is about Aymara language, one of the two languages Geraldine Quartararo's doctoral dissertation research focused on. The data was elicited to investigate evidentiality. The collection consists of 15 recordings that are organized into three parts: the first one consists of audio recordings/transcripts/translations of the task “Family problems picture”, the second part consists of audio recordings/transcripts/translations of the task “The Pear Story” and the third group consists of audio recordings/transcripts/translations of narratives and interviews. Both “Family problems picture” and “The Pear Story” are semi-structured tasks, and have been specifically created to stimulate the verbalization of knowledge processes. This material is based upon three fieldworks, two of which have been supported by the Helge Ax:son Jonsson Foundation. The three fieldworks were carried out in February 2014, between September and December 2014 and, finally, in May 2015.
ReferencesQuartararo, Geraldine. 2017. Evidencialidad indirecta en aimara y en el español de La Paz. Stockholm: Stockholm University dissertation.
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Quartararo, Geraldine. 2021. Beyond Evidentiality. The epistemic function of the suffix -wa in Aymara. Inverbis 2021(1).