Arutani (Socio)Linguistic Documentation Corpus

Corpus de documentación (socio)lingüística del Arutani

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Collection LanguageArutani
Language PIDailla:119550
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleArutani (Socio)Linguistic Documentation Corpus
Collector(s)Rosés Labrada, Jorge Emilio
Chacon, Thiago
Medina, Francia
Depositor(s)Rosés Labrada, Jorge Emilio
Chacon, Thiago
Medina, Francia
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Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionA set of interviews and ethnographic information concerning the Arutani (Uruak) Indigenous group, their history, geographic distribution and language (ISO: atx/Glottocode:arut1244).

Only the materials from the Venezuela fieldwork carried out by Rosés Labrada and Francia Medina are currently archived; materials from the Brazil fieldwork from Chacon are currently being accessioned or processed for deposit with AILLA.

The collection also includes data from Ninam (a.k.a. Shirián; ISO: shb/Glottocode: nina1238). The materials were collected as part of a Jacobs Research Funds group grant to Rosés Labrada and Chacon. Additional funding for Chacon's field trip came from the University of Brasilia.
ReferencesRosés Labrada, Jorge Emilio, Thiago Chacon & Francia Medina. 2020. Arutani (Venezuela and Brazil) – Language Snapshot. Language Documentation and Description 17: 170-177.