Chuj Oral Tradition Collection of Pedro Mateo Pedro and Jessica Coon

Colección de Tradición Oral Chuj de Pedro Mateo Pedro y Jessica Coon

Object Details

Collection LanguageChuj
Language PIDailla:119647
Title [Indigenous]Lolonel Sb'eyb'al Chuj
Language of Indigenous Titlecac
TitleChuj Oral Tradition Collection of Pedro Mateo Pedro and Jessica Coon
Collector(s)Mateo Pedro, Pedro
Carolan, Elizabeth
Avilio, Diego
Gómez, Alberto
Alonzo, Nicolás
Domingo, Candelaria
Gaspar Gaspar, Nicolás
Estela Miguel, Audilia
Depositor(s)Coon, Jessica
Mateo Pedro, Pedro
Project/Collector Website
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThe collection is composed of narratives in the language of Chuj that describe various aspects of Mayan culture and history as well as the role of culture and history in some of the speakers' lives. There are also annotated versions of many of the narratives, which have been translated into Spanish or English (or both). The collecting of these resources began on January 1st, 2002 and was continued until April 4th, 2017. This collection was possible due to the Endangered Languages Fund Languages Legacy Grant, 2016-2017: "A collection of narrative texts in Chuj" as well as the SSHRC Connection Grant, 2015-2016: "Chuj Electronic Database Creation: Documentation and Revitalization of a Mayan Language" (#611-2014-0441).