Huancavelica Quechua Fieldnotes of Willem de Ruese

Las Notas del Campo Quechua de Huancavelica de Willem de Ruese

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Collection LanguageQuechua, Ayacucho
Language PIDailla:119736
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleHuancavelica Quechua Fieldnotes of Willem de Ruese
Collector(s)de Reuse, Willem J.
Depositor(s)de Reuse, Willem J.
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Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionXerox copy of notes pencil-written on xeroxes of Quechua pedagogical (Bills et al., 1969; Burns 1964) and descriptive (Lastra 1968; Parker 1969) materials, with some poetry, and a letter to the collector, collected from Professor Oscar Tovar Serpa, at the time Professor of Botany at the Universidad de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Collection took place between Sept. 4th, 1980 and Feb. 7th, 1981, at International Student House, Washington, D.C., where both Prof. Tovar and the collector were residents. Collector carried this work out during non-work hours; Prof. Tovar was given a present to thank him for his work. Neither collector nor speaker were remunerated.
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