San Miguel Chimalapa Zoque Collection of Heidi Johnson

Colección de San Miguel Chimalapa Zoque de Heidi Johnson

Object Details

Collection LanguageZoque, San Miguel Chimalapa
Language PIDailla:119500
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleSan Miguel Chimalapa Zoque Collection of Heidi Johnson
Collector(s)Johnson, Heidi Anna
Depositor(s)Johnson, Heidi Anna
Project/Collector Website
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThis collection consists of audio recordings in a range of discourse genres, most accompanied by interlinearized texts with translations in English and Spanish. These works were recorded and analyzed as part of Dr. Johnson's dissertation research. The thesis, in English, is included in the collection.
References-- Johnson, Heidi. (2000). "The soldiers and Saturnino". In Kay Sammons and Joel Sherzer, (eds.), Translating Native Latin American Verbal Art: Ethnopoetics and Ethnography of Speaking. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press. pp.42-44.
-- Johnson, Heidi. (2000.) A Grammar of San Miguel Chimalapa Zoque. PhD. Dissertation, University of Texas at Austin. AILLA ID: ZOH002R001.