Using and Citing

  • Posted on: 6 October 2017
  • By: susansmythe

Always cite any resource that you use (including but not limited to educational materials, presentations, publications, exhibitions) following the AILLA Citation Guidelines.

We believe that the resources at AILLA will be useful in a multitude of ways:
• for developing teaching materials for all ages and in many kinds of classrooms;
• for research;
• in language reclamation programs;
• in artistic creations;
• among many others.

We encourage you to explore the archive and make full use of the resources, but we ask that you be at all times respectful of
• the individuals who created the materials,
• the peoples whose languages are spoken in these materials, and
• the scholars who produce and deposit many of our resources.

Ask for permission before making any kind of derivative work (e.g., transcription, translation, incorporation into a textbook or analysis, creative production, etc.).