Chilanga Lenca reel 66

Lenca de Chilanga cinta 66

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Subject LanguageLenca
Language PID(s)ailla:119644
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleChilanga Lenca reel 66
Language CommunitySalvadoran Lenca
Country(ies)El Salvador
Place Created
Date Created1970
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionChilanga Tape II.
Elicitation of Chilanga Lenca. Volume of the recording varies as the recorded adjusted levels or the speakers moved closer or further from the microphone. The Chilanga Lenca speaker is presumed to be Anselmo Hernández, but this is not stated in the recording.
Source Note
ReferencesCampbell, Lyle. 1976. The Last Lenca. International Journal of American Linguistics. 42(1): 73--78.
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleCampbell, Lyle (Researcher)
Hernández, Anselmo (Speaker)
Contributor(s) Corporate / Role

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