Nahuat Stories from Huitzilan de Serdán

Historias en Náhuat de Huitzilan de Serdán

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Collection LanguageNahuatl, Highland Puebla
Language PIDailla:119762
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleNahuat Stories from Huitzilan de Serdán
Collector(s)Taggart, James M.
Depositor(s)Taggart, James M.
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Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionThis collection currently houses transcriptions of 96 stories recorded in 1975 or 1978 in the Nahuat language of Huitzilan de Serdán, a community in Puebla, Mexico. These transcriptions were made in Microsoft Word (DOC) are were converted to PDF and TXT formats for preservation. They contain Nahuat transcriptions along with notes and titles in Spanish and English. Some of these texts were previously published in Taggart's The Rain Gods' Rebellion: The Cultural Basis of a Nahua Insurgency, a copy of which is available in this collection here:

This collection is expected to grow as additional materials are added. Expected additions include transcriptions of stories recorded after 1978, as well as audio recordings.
ReferencesTaggart, James M. 2019. The Rain Gods’ Rebellion: The Cultural Basis of a Nahua Insurgency. University Press of Colorado.