Bolivian Quechua Verbal Art

Arte Verbal Quechua Boliviano

Object Details

Collection LanguageQuechua, South Bolivian
Language PIDailla:119707
Title [Indigenous]Qhichwa Runaq Imayna Parlasqan
Language of Indigenous Titlequh
TitleBolivian Quechua Verbal Art
Collector(s)Flores Quispe, Carlos
Depositor(s)Flores Quispe, Carlos
Description [Indigenous]Tukuy qhichwa simita munakuqkuna jinallataq tukuy as allinta unanchariyta chaymanta munaqkunapiwan allin jamusqa kaychik! Tukuy thallmaqkuna as allinta uyaririychik: mana runa sutiyuq tapupayarisqa ruwasqakunawan chay glosas interlineales ñisqayuq, jinaspa chay juk juch’uy sociolinguistica ñisqamanta runata tapuriyniyuqpiwan llamk’arinaykichikta munayku. Chay corpus anonimizados ñisqaman yaykunaykichikpaq atinkichik ñisqaman mana chayqa ñisqaman mañariyta.
Kay tantarisqaqa chay jawarikuykunata, takiykunata, arawikunata, imasmarikunata, versos ñisqakunata, qhichwa parlaqkuna runa altiplano rural ñisqa Chuquisaca Bolivia suyupi, chay Tarabuco llaqtaq muyuyninpi yampara usu llaqta Patrimonio de la Humanidad ñisqa riqsisqa chaykuna tapupayarisqakunatawan tantan. Chaypi qhichwallata parlaqkuna juk chhika kankuraq. Kay tantariyqa 2021pi 13 as wayna sipaskunallaraq chaykunata tapupayarispa qallarikurqa. Tukuy chay tapupayasqaqakunataqa tata Carlos Flores Quispe video ñisqapi jallch’arirqa, qhichwapi qhillqarirqa, jinaspa castilla simiman tiktarirqa, payqa qhichwaman tuqyaq, Candelaria llaqtapi paqarikuq jinaspa chaypi wiñakuq, chay llaqtaqa qhichwapi parlana chhiqan, jinaspa manchay awanamanta chaniyniyuq, jinaspa kunan kunanqa jallp’api llamk’arichkankutaq uywata michiruchkankutaq. Kay jatun unquy covid-19 ñisqawan achkha machu runa wañupunku, kunan chaypi t’ukurispaqa chay astawan thanqariwan jina machu runaq paylayninta jallch’arinallaypaqpuni, ancha utqhayta chinkaripuchkasqanrayku. Kay cospus ñisqaqa qullqipi yanapariwasqaykurayku ruwarikurqa. Ñuqaykup yuyayniykuqa kunan imayna qhichwa parlasqanku kachkan chayta qhipaman qhawaykurinankupaq jallch’ay, chantataq chay grabaciones ñisqawantaq qhichwa yachachinapaq p'anqakunata chay tukuy laya qhichwa paylay chuquisacamanta kachkan chaykunawan wakirichinapaq.
Kay llamk’arisqaqa yuyan tukuy chay yachay imayna kawsay kay simipi kachkan chayta kay pachapi tukuyman riqsirichiyta jinaspa yacharichiyta.
Language of Indigenous Descriptionquh
DescriptionWelcome to those who love the Quechua language and those who want to deepen their understanding of it! Attention academic researchers: you are requested to work with the anonymized version of these interviews which includes interlinear glosses and interviewees’ answers to a sociolinguistic survey. Access to the anonymized corpus may be requested from or
This collection documents narratives, songs, poems, riddles, verses, and conversations with Quechua speakers in the rural highlands of Chuquisaca, Bolivia, in the communities surrounding the town of Tarabuco, home of the Yampara culture and celebrated as a World Heritage Site. A small percentage of Quechua monolingualism is still preserved there. This collection began in 2021 with 13 adult interviews. All interviews were videotaped, transcribed in Quechua, and translated into Spanish by Carlos Flores Quispe, a first language speaker of Quechua born and raised in Candelaria, one of the Quechua-dominant communities in the region and an important weaving center where agropastoralism is practiced today.
In this covid-19 pandemic many elderly people died, now thinking about it I am more motivated to preserve the language of elders since it is rapidly disappearing. This corpus was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of Our hope is to preserve for posterity the way Quechua is spoken today and to use these recordings to produce grammar and school materials based on the Chuquisacan variety.
This project will hopefully serve to promote the wisdom contained in this language and teach the values of its speakers around the world.