Ecological Oral Histories from Ancash, Peru

Historias Orales Ecologicas de Ancash, Peru

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Collection LanguageQuechua, Ancash Huayllas
Language PIDailla:119622
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleEcological Oral Histories from Ancash, Peru
Collector(s)Polk, Molly
Jiménez, Gladys
Depositor(s)Polk, Molly
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Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionOral histories documenting ecological change as it relates to climate change and related glacier recession in Peru's Cordillera Blanca mountains.

These files have been anonymized by removing interviewees' names from descriptions and from within the audio files themselves (by silencing audio segments where names are mentioned). All materials are public except for the materials in the resources listed below, which are restricted.
  • Female interview 3
  • Male interview 4
  • Male interview 25
  • Male interview 26
ReferencesPolk, Molly. 2016. “They are drying out” : social-ecological consequences of glacier recession on mountain peatlands in Huascarán National Park, Peru. Ph.D. thesis, University of Texas at Austin.