Quechua and Aymara of Puno by Sandhya Krittika Narayanan

El Quechua y Aymara de Puno por Sandhya Krittika Narayanan

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Collection LanguageQuechua, Puno
Aymara, Southern
Language PIDailla:269419
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleQuechua and Aymara of Puno by Sandhya Krittika Narayanan
Collector(s)Narayanan, Sandhya Krittika
Depositor(s)Narayanan, Sandhya Krittika
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Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionData collected for dissertation research in the Department of Puno, Peru. Data collected represents the various local dialects of Quechua and Aymara spoken across the various provinces in the Department of Puno, Peru. Collection also features interviews and data recordings collected in the Andean Spanish typical of Quechua-Spanish or Aymara-Spanish bilinguals of the region.

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