Enenlhet Documentation

Enenlhet Documentación

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Collection LanguageEnenlhet
Language PIDailla:266555
Title [Indigenous]Enenlhet Nempaivoma
Language of Indigenous Titletmf
TitleEnenlhet Documentation
Collector(s)Heaton, Raina
Depositor(s)Heaton, Raina
Project/Collector Websitehttp://www.ou.edu/cas/nas/people/faculty/raina-heaton
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThis project is a primary documentation of the language (Toba) Enenlhet of Paraguay. Although it is known by various names, Enenlhet is the most appropriate. The collection includes audio and video recordings of individuals in Pozo Amarillo, most of which are in Enenlhet, but a few are in Enlhet Norte. This work was done in collaboration with Manolo Romero, who has been instrumental in executing this project. Materials include narratives, interviews, elicitation, radio broadcasts and public events, and transcription files of these recordings. The project to date has been funded by the University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences.