Demonstration tape 19

Cinta de demostración 19

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Subject LanguageCurripaco
Language PID(s)ailla:119621
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleDemonstration tape 19
Language Community
Place CreatedCaracas
Date Created1981-11
Description [Indigenous]
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Descriptionreel-to-reel (1/4 tr stereo) demonstration that pulls together a variety of instrumental and vocal dance music from Tapes nos. 3, 6, 10, & 11. This music is all part of a single performance genre called madzerunai, or dance-music of the pudali ceremony. The music on Side A of this recording is arranged according to the chronological progression of the traditional pudali ceremony as described to me by older men. The first selection on side B is the concluding performance in pudali. The rest of side B contains personal songs of the pakamarantakan genre taken from Tape No. 9.
1. yapurutu flute duet with kulirina trumpets (from 11B)
2. wanapani, dance song with stomping tubes (from 8A)
3. yapurutu flute duet (from 8A)
4. formal speech of offering at pudali ceremony (from 6B)
5. yapurut duet with deetu flutes (from 6A)
6. deetu flutes warming up and tuning (from 6A)
7. dzudzuapani, dance song with stomping tubes (from 11A-B)
8. piti duet (type of whistle named after an ant species) (from 6B)
9. yapurutu flute duet called yamuti (bocon fish) (from 3A)
Side B: 1. wamawiyaka, song at end of pudali ceremony, danced with yapurutu (mawi) flutes held on shoulder (from 3B).
Instrumental music
Source Note19; OT 6233?; ATL 18991; OT 6234?
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleHill, Jonathan (Researcher)
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