The weeper who bathes in the sea

La llorona que lavaba en el mar

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Subject LanguageTepehua, Huehuetla
Language PID(s)ailla:119527
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleThe weeper who bathes in the sea
Language Community
Place CreatedHuehuetla, Hidalgo
Date Created2000-11-08
Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionI recorded this narrative on November 8, 2000 in Huehuetla, Hidalgo, Mexico. The two participants, Angelita Patricio Tolentino and Nicolás Vigueras Patricio, are mother and son. Don Nicolás was my principal consultant. This is the first occasion in which Doña Angelita wanted to tell me a Tepehua story, and she did not have any prior experience as a linguistic consultant. Given her inexperience, her age, and their relationship, Don Nicolás told the story jointly with his mother.
There is a brief introduction in which I establish the name of the narrative. Next comes the narrative in Huehuetla Tepehua, followed by a free translation and discussion of the story in Spanish.

Story (I001); translation (I002).
Source Note
Contributor(s) Individual / RolePatricio Tolentino, Angelita (Speaker)
Vigueras Patricio, Nicolás (Speaker)
Kung, Susan Smythe (Researcher)
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