Ixil Maya Conversation / Narrative Collection

Colección de Conversación / Narrativa en Ixil Maya

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Collection LanguageIxil
Language PIDailla:119533
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleIxil Maya Conversation / Narrative Collection
Collector(s)Gómez de García, Jule
García, María Luz
Hughes, Michael
Depositor(s)Gómez de García, Jule
Axelrod, Melissa
García, María Luz
Hughes, Michael
Project/Collector Websitehttp://www.investigacionixhil.blogspot.com/
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionAudio files and texts of narratives and conversations by members of the Grupo de Mujeres/Hombres por la Paz, all native speakers of Ixil Maya living in Nebaj, el Quiché, Guatemala. The narratives include personal histories and autobiographies, war experiences, how to prepare traditional foods and weavings, retellings of picture book stories such as Frog, Where Are You? and Pancakes for Breakfast.

Project funded by BCS grants 0504804 and 0504905 from the National Science Foundation and by California State University University Professional Development Grants.
IXL003: 'Ixil Mayan Grammar Files: Year Two'
Contains text and audio files of Ixil speakers analyzing phonetics, phonology, and syntax of the Ixil language as they prepare to write a grammar in Ixil of the Ixil language.
Project funded by the National Science Foundation
Recordings made with Edirol R05 Digital recorders and Sony Voice recorders.