A Course in Bolivian Quechua

Un Curso en el Quechua de Bolivia

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Collection LanguageQuechua, South Bolivian
Language PIDailla:119707
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleA Course in Bolivian Quechua
Collector(s)Troike, Rudolph
Depositor(s)Troike, Rudolph
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DescriptionIt's worth knowing that as a result of their [the recordings] use, along with the text and Bernardo Vallejo's gifted teaching (I wish we had that on video!), the class was able by the middle of the second semester to reach a level of ability that other programs achieve only after four semesters. The text was reviewed as the best available at the time, and it has not been superseded for Bolivian Quechua. The project was initiated with support from the Institute for Latin American Studies.

Our offering the course coincided with the military take-over of the government in Peru, and the requirement that all Peruvian M.A. degrees had to include a year of Quechua study, so we had several
students at the time from Peru in the class. I had hopes of using the Quechua course as glue to put together a specialization in Andean studies, bringing together faculty and courses from various
departments and colleges, but at that point I left to go to Washington, D.C. to direct the Center for Applied Linguistics, so was never able to realize this goal.
ReferencesBills, Garland D., Bernardo Vallejo C., and Rudolph C. Troike. 1969. An Introduction to Spoken Bolivian Quechua. Published for the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Austin & London: The University of Texas Press.