Chamarra, Elía

Object Details

Given Name(s)Elía
Place of Originel rio sigrisúa
DescriptionElía lived with his wife and three children, and with his mother for a while, and also his brothers-in-law also lived with him. Elía helped Elizabeth Kennedy's team a lot to learn the Wounaan language and culture. He is in the documentaries: "Wounaan: a community of the tropical rainforest", "technology of the tropical rainforest: The house and the canoe", and "Technology of the tropical rainforest: Wounaan Agriculture". He came to Cali with the research team and with Rotilio for two weeks to translate some stories. Chindío tells Elizabeth Kennedy that the correct name of Elía is Elías but they don't pronounce the "s".
Depositor StatusN
Native Language(s)Wounmeu
Research Language(s)Wounmeu
Other Language(s) SpokenSpanish
Organization(s)El Congreso Nacional de Wounaan


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