Central Diegueño (Kumiai)

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NameCentral Diegueño (Kumiai)
Name (Indigenous)Kumeyaay
Alternate Name(s)Campo, Cochimí, Comeya, Cuchimí, Diegueño, Kamia, Kamiai, Kamiyahi, Kamiyai, Ki-Miai, Ko’al, Ku’ahl, Kumeyaai, Kumeyaay, Kumia, Kw’aal, Quemayá, Tipai’, Tipái, Tipéi
Language Codedih
Macro LanguageN
Language FamilyYuman
DescriptionKo’alh is the variety spoken in Santa Catarina, which is a community of Baja CA, MX where Paipai is spoken. Ko’alh is not entirely mutually intelligible with Kumiai, and completely different from Paipai.
Language PIDailla:119745


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