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Date Created2012
Date Archived2015-03-06
Technical DescriptionAs of 21 January 2020, this file has been replaced by files found at https://www.ailla.utexas.org/islandora/object/ailla%3A271466, AILLA PID 271466. This file has been restricted to prevent further access. Please use the files found at the above link instead.

To create the file KUI015R001I002.pdf, the archivist had to convert all 26 Microsoft Word documents (that corresponded to chapters, appendices, front matter, and the references section) into PDF/A files, then combine all 26 files into one complete PDF/A. Before they could convert some of the Word files, they first had to go through document and accept the formatting changes that were still marked on the document. This made the final PDF file shorter than KUI015R001I002.
Platformadobe acrobat
Original Mediumtext:Word
Quality of Original Medium3