Aymara Language Tapes of Jane Collins and Michael Painter

Grabaciones en Lengua Aymara de Jane Collins y Michael Painter

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Collection LanguageAymara, Central
Language PIDailla:119729
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleAymara Language Tapes of Jane Collins and Michael Painter
Collector(s)Collins, Jane
Painter, Michael
Depositor(s)Collins, Jane
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Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThese tapes were made in Moho, Huancané, Puno, Peru in 1979-80. The research was funded by the Inter-American Foundation and conducted for the doctoral dissertations of Collins and Painter at the University of Florida Anthropology Department. The tapes were not recorded for linguistic analysis and thus are not of the highest quality. Tapes 1-3 were recorded at the Qhurawasiri Festival held in Moho, February 1-3, 1980. The qhurawasiri festival is held at the time of the feast day of the Virgin of Candelaria. It is also known in the district of Moho as the festival of the “cuatro suyos”—the Inka, the Kolla, the Kullawa, and the Uro Achachi. The celebration occurs in the Plaza Mayor of the town of Moho and takes the form of a ritual battle with slingshots. Over the course of the festival, the suyos celebrate the agricultural cycle and the abundance of crops, livestock, fish, and other resources.
Some of the songs and speeches on the tapes are in Spanish, but most are in Aymara.

Collins-01-A.wav: songs, speeches, and prayers from the communities of Waraya and Lipich’iqarqa.
Collins-01-B.wav: material from the communities of Waraya, Jach’a Xä and a group of girls from Moho singing.
Collins-02-A.wav: Communities of Pomaoca, Sullka Panchoja, Umuchi, and Lacasani.
Collins-02-B.wav: (very poor quality): Communities of Lacasani and Wayrapata.
Collins-03-A.wav: end of ceremonies
Collins-04-A.wav: Lucio Ticona Collquehuanca from the community of Sullka. Story of his trip to Chuma.
Collins-05-A.wav: Interviews with Santiago Calli Apaza, community of Pomaoca, the story of apacheta and limpu; Juan Ticona Collquehuanca, community of Sullka, about his trip to San Juan del Oro; Lucio Ticona Collquehuanca, community of Sullka.
Collins-05-B.wav: Interview with Eustaquia Callo, town of Moho, about “Tawantinsuyu timpu”—the period of the Tawantinsuyu indigenous uprising in the 1920s.