The Mexicano of Tlaxcala Collection of Lucero Flores

La Colección del Mexicano de Tlaxcala por Lucero Flores

Object Details

Collection LanguageNahuatl, Central
Language PIDailla:119512
Title [Indigenous]In itlaolololis in Mexicano in Tlaxcala, okichih Lucero Flores
Language of Indigenous Titlenhn
TitleThe Mexicano of Tlaxcala Collection of Lucero Flores
Collector(s)Flores Nájera, Lucero
Depositor(s)Flores Nájera, Lucero
Project/Collector Website
Description [Indigenous]Itech inin tekitl kah nochi tlen onikgrabaroh ompa San Isidro Buensuceso, Tlaxcala wan San Miguel Canoa, Puebla. Onikchih itech in julio 2014-2018. Ika nin tlaolololistli, niwelilti nikmachtis nochi in tlahtoltsitsin, ken yawe, ken se tlahtoa wan tlen kinekih kihtoskeh. Ika nochi inin nikchiwas in notesis itech in doctorado.
Language of Indigenous Descriptionnhn
DescriptionMaterials in and about the Mexicano of Tlaxcala, Mexico.The collection comes from two towns, one of Tlaxcala and the other of Puebla. Both belongs to the same language. The documentation began in July 2014 and it will finish in 2018. The objective of this documentation is to collect texts that Lucero Flores will use to describe and analyze the morphosyntactic and semantic features of this language. This data will be used for Lucero Flores's doctoral dissertation research.