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Subject LanguageKalapalo
Language PID(s)ailla:119505
Title [Indigenous]Afanda
Language of Indigenous Titlekui
Language Community
Place CreatedAifa settlement
Date Created1979-00-00
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThis is a fairly long story with several subjects, but an important one is about how people within a family speak with and about one another. To summarize the narrative: An unmarried woman (named Kefesugu) marries a being (Afanda, the Black Skimmer) from the underwater world, who brings manioc to her family after seeing that the only food they have are vegetables planted by another son-in-law (Aki?i the Vinegaroon, or “false scorpion”). There is a lot of bantering between the two men about their respective crops; Vinegaroon rejects Black Skimmer’s food, and brags about how hard he works while Black Skimmer stays in the house “lying down” with his wife. Black Skimmer begins to brag about the food he eats at his own home, something “very different” (as he says) from Vinegaroon’s crops. (There is another co-brother-in-law – Taugi- who gets along with Afanda very well). Some time after manioc is magically brought to the family by the Fish People, the wife Kefesugu begins to tire of both the constant work and Afanda’s seemingly unending desire for her. She suggests there is another younger sister who is still in puberty seclusion (in a basket kept under the rafters of the house). She really wants her younger sister to help her out in both ways. . The husband pretends to be sick, lowers the younger sister down and seduces her. Because the girl’s legs have been moved which has tightened up her knee wrappings, she can no longer crouch down in the basket as far as before, so the lid can’t be properly closed. The women see this and get angry with Afanda (using speech that contrasts with the usual familial politeness). Eventually he leaves and the manioc vanishes as well. Much later Afanda takes pity on them (through their constant melodic weeping) and returns a small bit of root, from which all the current manioc has descended.
Source Note5A.A.1 & 5A.A.2
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleBasso, Ellen (Researcher)
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