Fitsagu the Cuckoo

Fitsagu el Cuco

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Subject LanguageKalapalo
Language PID(s)ailla:119505
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleFitsagu the Cuckoo
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Place CreatedAifa
Date Created1982-07-04
Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionThis story was published, in both its text and audio forms in Native South American Discourse. This story was told to Ellen Basso by "the cheerful, musically skilled Kudyu, a man in late middle age, father of six and a notorious joker. Kudyu's story exemplifies the Kalapalo concern with the illusory nature and consequent unpredictability of human action, and with how what is said may conceal another reality. It is one of a large number of stories in which the trickster Taugi appears, although here the story is told not from Taugi's point of view but from that of the people who must deal with his tricks." [p123] "The distinguishing feature of a Kalapalo narrative is the presence of a "what-sayer" who responds in several conventional ways following the narrator's pauses." [p120]
Source Note
ReferencesJoel Sherzer and Greg Urban, eds. (1975.) Native South American Discourse. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleBasso, Ellen (Researcher)
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