Chamarra, Bartolito

Object Details

Given Name(s)Bartolito
Place of Originel rio Sigrisúa, Colombia
DescriptionBartolito lived in his own house in the River Siguirisua with his wife and four or five children, and Arsenio in 1965. In 1966, other people came to live in his house. Bartolito was the younger brother of Elia. The house of Bartolito was five minutes upriver in canoe from Elia. Bartolio lost his hand in a dinamite accident, but fully recovered and is able to do the same work as other Wounaan men.
Depositor StatusN
Native Language(s)Wounmeu
Research Language(s)Wounmeu
Other Language(s) SpokenSpanish
Organization(s)El Congreso Nacional de Wounaan


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